He began his journey in EDM world about end of 2011. By his project name as ” harviandroid ” ,He began to making dubstep tracks.And about one year play with his DAW. He’s trying a new genre for his journey , “moombahcore” that got a pretty good response at the beginning of his journey . single called ” grizzly bear from alaska ” is promoted by one famous EDM promos account which is EDM.net on SoundCloud . Responses were obtained quite good , but in the end he decided to choose Electro-House as a genre he want to be. Without eliminating his signature sounds , since then he wears his original name for his career.

Harv, is his stage name now. Besides as an EDM producers and remixer, Harv is always performing as a DJs at some clubs,festival,or radio. One of his biggest performing is came from RESCUE at GOR C-Tra in 2014 which is about 3000 peoples raving for his debut single “Get Up Stuff” for one compilation album. And he always make crowd surprised by his edit tracks or IDs tracks he gave exclusively when live performing.End of 2015, he’s just released mini album who called Perspective-EP released by one of biggest EDM label in Indonesia,Invert Recordings.

His unique musicality has got attention by InvertRecs Co-Founder itself Arya DTX. One of the tracks that caught the label’s interest is ‘Try to Fix Your Beat Vibes’. Harv have succeed finding the true color Indonesia’s dance music because he always exploring new sound of EDM but never leaving his sound design characters.