AVONTURIR is a concept turned to an album. Consists of 12 tracks that has a different insight of stories and life adventures. Hopes and vision, mixtures of feelings from anger to joy, sad and happiness. All packaged in a hybrid sound of both collaborators taste. An EDM album so out of the box from current dance music trends.

AVONTURIR gave a different feeling of listening and understanding stories in an enjoyable tracks you can dance and sing with. Captivating tracks with Indonesian lyrics and title, brings you back to the age where it feels so good to move yourself towards a good music made by fresh and talented Indonesian music producers.

There are 4 tracks vocalized by Indonesian singer. Sang by names that might not be familiar to your ear, but surely intriguing enough to listen to.

AVONTURIR is released by Depictive Records in the purpose to pull crowds of music lovers from various preferences into one collective move of mass whose in love with groovy danceable tunes. Turning those who don’t do dance to do claps, from those who stigmatized “Electronic Dance Music” for club live only to pure joy and fun. AVONTURIR is a whole package of distinct goodness and vibes. A world with an act you want to be involved with.