Studio Services


Mixing is the technique of preserving and enhancing the clarity of all audible elements within a song.
Including but not limited to:
  • Fine-tuning the sound of each instrument using equalization (EQ).
  • Compressing and Balancing the levels of the tracks that have been recorded.
  • Panning the tracks between speakers to create a stereo image.
  • Adding FX to enhance the original tracks with reverb, delay etc. to client taste and as required.
Per 3 hours studioworkIDR 1.000.000
  • WAV audio
  • 32 bit rate
  • 44,100 Hz sample rate


Mastering is the final polishing of your songs before releasing them to the world.
It is a subtle process to improve the overall mix of the song without changing its character.
Including but not limited to:
  • Finalizing the tonal balance (EQ) of songs.
  • Controlling the dynamic range – how loud and quiet each section is, for desired variety and power.
  • Compressing, EQing, Mono / Stereo Processing and Limiting so the song is polished.
  • Ensuring a cohesive sonic character within a body of work (EP, Album, etc…)
STANDARD (3-7 days)EXPRESS (24 hours)
SingleIDR 500.000IDR 750.000
EP (3-5 songs)IDR 2.000.000IDR 2.500.000
Album (6-10 songs)IDR 4.000.000IDR 5.000.000
LP (11-15 songs)IDR 6.000.000IDR 7.000.000
More than 15 songsContact US
  • Demo song(s) required for advice
  • Max -12dB in Master Gain
  • No plugin/VST in Master Channel


We do mastering jobs for several record labels and we have a special offer on all the mastering and mixing services.
This special offer comes with a mastering contract annually.
For more info, please contact us.


Stem mastering gives us the opportunity to apply changes to certain elements of the mix without affecting others.
With stem mastering your track is divided into individual stems so we can apply changes to specific elements without altering others.
STANDARD (3-7 days)EXPRESS (24 hours)
Maximum 16 tracksIDR 625.000IDR 850.000
  • WAV audio
  • 32 bit rate
  • 44,100 Hz sample rate
  • Max -12dB in Stem Channel Gain
  • Demo song(s) required for advice


Vocal treatment is very essential to make sure you have the perfect vocal for your song.
This service including but not limited to:

  • Pitch Correction
    Correct a vocal track where the pitch was not quite right.
  • Timing Correction
    Fixing the timing of vocals and making sure vocal layers are aligned and tight in the mix.
  • Gain Staging
    Automating the volume of your vocals through our state of the art processing.
STANDARD (3-7 days)EXPRESS (24 hours)
Pitch CorrectionIDR 200.000IDR 300.000
Timing CorrectionIDR 300.000IDR 450.000
Gain StagingIDR 100.000IDR 150.000
All packageIDR 500.000IDR 750.000
Additional per trackIDR 100.000


Are you a DJ but no producer and you want to have your own production? We can create your track. We only work based on utmost discretion and confidentiality for the client.
For more info, please contact us.


We have Audio Commercial production services for several jobs related to the advertising world which include:

  • Jingle for Ads
  • Scorring for Ads/Web Series
  • Voice Over by Actor
  • Sound FX Production



  • Mixing & Mastering Engineer for a Foundation concern in sight loss and blindness
  • Mixing Engineer for Animation (3 Episodes) Jujur Itu Hebat, Komisi Pemberantas Korupsi.
  • Music Composer & Video Content for
  • Music Composer & Soundtrack for My Generation Movie
  • Music Composer & Soundtrack for Warkop DKI 2
  • Music Composer for “Herbapain”
  • Music Composer for “Video Penerangan Malam Jakarta” by Philips
  • Music Composer for 2 Eps Ads “Kejutan Ramadhan” by Pure It
  • Music Composer for Milo Ads
  • Music Composer for Ponds Ads
  • Music Composer for So-Klin Ads
  • Music Composer for Vivo Ads
  • Music Composer for X2 Ads
  • Music Composer for Bravo TVC
  • Music Composer for “Lagie” Jingle
  • Music Composer for Daihatsu “Research and Development Presentation” and “Company Profile”
  • Music Composer for Daihatsu Company Profile at IMMS 2017
  • Music Composer for DBS Opening New Campaign Showcase
  • Music Composer for Digital 30 secs ads “Rollover” by IM3 Ooredoo
  • Music Composer for First Media TVC
  • Music Composer for GG Mild Fest Aftermovie
  • Music Composer for Gila Lu Ndro Soundtrack
  • Music Composer for Gravity Zero Ads
  • Music Composer for Heineken LED Show
  • Music Composer for IM3 ooredoo “Roll Over”
  • Music Composer for Jinglette & Jingle Onigiri Futago
  • Music Composer for Jomblo The Movie Soundtrack
  • Music Composer for Lagie TVC
  • Music Composer for Online Ads Scoring Mayashi
  • Music Composer for Online Ads UC Browser
  • Music Composer for Panasonic Opening New Product Launch
  • Music Composer for Pizza Hut
  • Music Composer for Redbull Threestyle Soundtrack
  • Music Composer for Short Movie “Memory” Commercial for Sharp
  • Music Composer for Si Juki The Movie Soundtrack
  • Music Composer for Siak Tourism TVC
  • Music Composer for Song Banks Tracks by Pizza Hut
  • Music Composer for Station ID TVRI
  • Music Composer for Taro Web Series
  • Music Composer for Teman Tapi Menikah Movie Soundtrack
  • Music Composer for Yonder TVC
  • Music Composer for UC Browser Jingle
  • Music Composer for WWF TVC
  • Music Composer for Fije Sibuea Bumper
  • Music Composer for “Pembuatan SIM Online” by Dinas Perhubungan RI
  • Music Composer for PGN “Lebaran” TVC
  • Music Composer for add Mizone Slow Motion
  • Music Composer for Bank Central Asia Ads
  • Music Composer for Tresme Ads
  • Music Composer for Indonsian Walls
  • Music Composer for Keajaiban Silat
  • Music Scoring for Jomblo Film
  • Music Scoring for Nyanyian Bendera Film
  • Music Scoring for Panji Sumirang Film
  • Music Scoring for Bukalapak Web Series
  • Music Scoring for Google Maps
  • Music Scoring for Google Translate
  • Music Scoring for Online Ads Hypestar
  • Music Scoring for PGN “18th Asian Games 2018”
  • Music Scoring for Sahabat Pemberani Animation
  • Music Scoring for Short Movie AIA Insurance
  • Music Scoring for Short Movie “Kamera”
  • Music Scoring for Zatu Animation
  • Music Scoring & Soundtrack for Web Series “Panda Project” by
  • Music Composer & Soundtrack for “Asa; Kau Bahagia” movie