CVX, Tuan Tigabelas, Davidbeatt, Avia Athalia, Kay Oscar – Never Surrender

In light of today’s issues, it is no coincidence that these 5 artists released Never Surrender on the 17th of August. With a conscious desire to illuminate the glaring issues that aren’t being addressed enough in today’s era of vain and narcissistic lyricism – the five wanted to write a hopeful track and make a positive impact. 

It is also no coincidence that the song was sung in 4 languages. TuanTigabelas does what he does best spitting bars in Bahasa, Avia Athalia and Kay Oscar were the melodic anchors in English while Davidbeatt showed a different side of himself from the online prankster everyone knows him as and sung heartfelt and hopeful in English, Cantonese, Hokkien and Bahasa. 

Real music with a real message from born and bred locals. 

“We will never surrender, we won’t fall apart, as one we will stand together, as one we will survive.”

Happy Independence Day.

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