Elang Defrianto – Giving It All (Album)

Giving It All is the first full length studio album by Elang Defrianto. Releasing under his own name for his solo project, the Night Flight guitarist and songwriter has found himself an outlet to express a more sentimental and introspective side to his music. Showing his range as a musician, the album spans across all tempos and displays his capability as a multi instrumentalist and composer as he combines organic and electronic sounds.

Following the footsteps of Indie and RnB tinged “Bedroom Pop”, the album is slick downtempo with an almost efficient minimal approach, letting his lyrics and melodies stand at the forefront. Channeling his inner Rex Orange County, and Mac Demarco – Giving It All is suitable for early mornings and late nights when you need that gentle and soothing push to go on with your day.

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