Tomatow & Hansel Marcelin – Alive (feat. Viona)

Homegrown producer Tomatow has been grinding since 2014 and the young up and comer has done very well for himself in a very short amount of time. Inspired by other local producers such as Disappear Planet’s Clevt and THE REMIX winner Osvaldorio, he has been releasing his work on online labels such as Chill Planet, Tuvali, Ninety9Lives and of course with UPRISING RECORDS for this release.

Collaborating with fellow producer Hansel Marcelin alongside vocalist Viona for his newest release “Alive”, the song kicks off with shimmering guitars and quickly cascades into syncopating percussions with Viona’s vocal harmonies of love, loss and euphoria gliding on top. Effortlessly, toms bring the song into its peak point where Tomatow’s signature vocal slices and pulsating synths need no words to express exactly what they want you to feel.

Favouring harmony and simplicity in telling his sonic stories, Tomatow presents promising potential as another hungry member of UPRISING’s roster.

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